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very well done... but make them speak

i am sure that all your hard work will pay off, and it will (hopefully) make it to the frontpage. it grabs the attention of viewers. youi have never lost your sense of humor, and i burst out a laughter as it reached its climax. believe me, you'll start receiving money if you publish it as comics. but you need some voice acting cos i hate going through all the lines.

Hell-Fire responds:

- no votes -

Thanks, but there is a problem with voice acting. It will make my movie size well over the limit. Thanks for the input.


have you ever considered making a series on it? the movie is very well animated, and it has certainly no lack of humor as compared to other similar flashes. it never lost its appeal, and it clearly reflects your animation style, as well as youir sense of humor and creativity. it's highly enjoyable to watch, and it would kick serios ass if youi did it in FBF style. i recommand you watching Another day series ( if you haven't) for more inspiration.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Indeed i have considered making Ratbag and Furball into a series... as of a few seconds ago when i found that the first episode was a fair success for what i was: a tutorial that turned into a very good idea. i will watch as many different series as i can to learn how to get by. by the way, what's FBF? i'm fresh from Italy and i'm not very good with abbreviations...

no one's going to rate it zero

are you inspired by some kind of ancient chinese legend? the movie itself is quite intriguing, and creates a ghostly atmospere. i felt being chilled inside out

Solid-Prod responds:

yeah, scary isn't it


i ain't goin to spoil the fun on the day which NG can finally achieve zero obituaries. FIFEN!!!1111

*i am freezing*

hey, not bad at all! (for starters) what's you next movie tho? "Hot As The Bitch Living Next Door?" good luck to your future submissions.

Rule responds:

You got the "Hot as" part right..

rating against my wishes

you would have been starting receiving insulting reviews if you submitted this flash one day earlier. but again, it's clock day today, so...

well.... not a bad start

but at lease translate it into english, or any other language that i regonise (chinese). the video itself DOES look pretty cool, (maybe more aninmation?). there's plenty of room for improvement, and i guess no-one dared to give this submission an unsatiscatory score on this graceful day.

megaboy15 responds:

Thanks i made a new video and i translate this on day

you've picked the right day

it's clock day today so i'll rate this movie "5" despite its quality. but the score i gave you DOES NOT REFLECT THE ACTUAL QUALITY OF THIS FLASH.

Earfetish responds:

Thanks, I guess. Or perhaps not.


keep sweating while watching it lol! toggl to low quilty i it is running slow.

thnks hvn you add a bloody skip button

*The review below was written by Laden*

Ooooohhh!!!1fankz men! i laiked eat!!1

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